August 14, 2017

As we soak up these final sunny days before fall arrives too soon. A final soiree is just what the doctor ordered. Taking time to enjoy the final rays of sun and warmth with family and friends can help us prepare for the long winter ahead. Yet, how can we make the canine members of our family feel included as well?  Here are a few tips and tricks I use for any backyard BBQ, garden party or outside celebration so that all my guests, both with fur and without, can enjoy themselves.  


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Calm Corner

At every social gathering, especially the ones I'm hosting, I find myself needing to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Whether it's a run to the bathroom or an excuse to put something upstairs, I always find a minute or two to myself to process the proceedings, take a breath, and be able to enjoy round two. Our dogs needs the same. I always make sure that there is an easily accessible space that is quiet and unoccupied if any of my pets need a breather from the festivities. This way they can calm down if needed and then rejoin the party when they are ready.   


Treats for Everyone

I always make sure to have an array of treats for both human and animal guests alike. I ask beforehand if there are any allergy or food preferences I should be aware of and make sure I have something for everyone. If you find yourself busy before the big day, there are plenty of mailing services that deliver all natural dog treats right to you door including Jones All-Natural Dog Chews. However if you want to be more crafty and have some time on your hands, here are some very simple homemade dog treat recipes that only use five ingredients or less.  If you don't want your dog to miss out on the adult events of the evening, order some Apollo Peak all-natural dog wine and everyone can party together. Making sure that there is a plethora of treats available to your furrier guests as well will take your hostess game to a whole new level.  


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Backyard Games

Classic yard games such as cornhole, croquet and bocce ball are always a success but what about engaging the dogs as well? Including your dogs can be a creative way for everyone to learn some new tricks. From a simple game of team fetch to a more complicated obstacle run, check out these ideas from VetStreet. Playing together helps to keep all of your guests entertained and enjoying each others company. If you aren't looking forward to making a complex obstace run, simply provide an array of dog toys are sure to be a hit. Having fun together is a family-friendly and creative way for everyone to make summertime memories. 


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Photo Op

Taking photos during the evening will not only help you keep a record of your memories but also could bring you some new followers. If social media is your game, then you know that the best way to a followers heart is through a cute dog photo. With an array of cute puppies and dogs and phone filters at your disposal, take this time to show off your pup socializing and having a great time. Not only will you have a sweet record of the evening, you could also boost your Instagram game. If this paragraph alone has pushed your into a cute pup photo craving, feel free to go down the rabbit hole with the best dogs on Instagram.


Keeping Everyone Safe

If you are indeed grilling or having a campfire at your party, it is important to make sure that everyone is safe throughout the evening. While your dog might be trained to stay away from the grill, others might not be. Dogtipper provides these ways to keep dogs safe during a barbecue.


outdoor party


Even though the summer is winding down, it's still hot out there. Remember to keep all of your guests cool with these tips from our previous post. Another thing that is fun for the whole family is to have a small pup pool for animals, children and even adults to cool off. I try to load it with dog-safe toys so everyone will have something to do in the water. Another way that saves you time, is simply to run the sprinkler for a short time for everyone to be able to run through and feel free to make a party game out of this as well. When you combine fun and keeping cool no one even has a chance to get overheated or feel left out throughout the day.



Enjoy these last weeks of summer in style and Stay Royal!   

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