December 21, 2017

It can be difficult to see our New Years Resolutions as something truly achievable. With so many years of false starts, it seems to always be a glitzed up promise that dims by mid-January. However, incorporating your pet into your New Years Resolution could keep you from not just talking the talk and instead walking the... dog. That's right, your pets can help you stick to your New Years resolution. By creating a unique resolution that fits you and your furry family you can have a better chance at changing your 2018. Here are the most common New Year's resolutions and some ways your pets can fit right into your new routines and help keep you focused on your 2018 goals. 



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Stay fit and healthy

One of the most important ways to be healthy is to get moving! Pets are great buddies to exercise with. While we most commonly think of taking your dog for a quick walk around the park, here are some out of the box ideas for you to try in 2018. 

  • Doga: Yes, you heard that correctly. Dog+Yoga= Doga.  We have been aware of the mental and physical benefits of yoga in humans for decades. However, now you and your dog can achieve these together. Whether it is in a structured class or simply done together at home, Doga has benefits for both you and your pup. Here is a helpful chart to understand the several ways that this can be enjoyed.

  • Yoga with your cat: It's finally a thing and a yoga studio in Illinois is going one step further and inviting shelter cats to class!

  • Crisp Morning Run: Set the alarm early and get out to raise both of your heart rates and appreciate the crisp morning air. Your dog will enjoy the change of pace and early morning freshness with its many new smells as well.

  • Canine Freestyle Dance: Doggy dancing? Yes please. Whether it's a rainy day at home or you are looking for a reason to get together with friends, consider a doggy dance party as the perfect excuse for you and your pup to break a sweat while having fun. 

  • Fitness Classes: More and more fitness classes for you and your dog are popping up across the country every day. Working out with your dog in a class setting help you both to really focus on exercise and leave excuses behind. The most well-known fitness classes for both humans and canines across the country include: 
K9 Fit Club
Fit Dog Austin
Leash Your Fitness 
Go Fetch Run Cross Training
Feet and Paws Fitness Classes
Thank Dog! Bootcamp



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Enjoy life and stress less 

As a pet parent, we know how much joy our furry family members bring us. Think about setting aside specific time during the day or week to enjoy life together. Here are some imaginative ideas! 

  • Craft with your cat: A few craft ideas include making a... 

Kitty Cat Eye Mask
Cat Bum Coasters
A Pillow.. Of Your Cat
Easy Clay Paw Prints
Cat RingHeadband or Earrings
Kitty Cat Planter
Cat House 2.0: TentCastleVintage CamperTeepeeCaveCottage

  • Pet-friendly Road Trip: Where is a place you always dreamed of going? Is it close to home or a plane ride away? Plan a trip where you can bring your pet! Here are some pet-friendly pit stops on Route 66. 
  • Movie Night: Spend a night in watching old classics and sipping some wine. Don't worry, your pet doesn't have to be left out. Here is cat and dog wine so your pet can share some vino with you. Yep, you heard right. Wine just for pets.

  • Go Stargazing: Take your pup out for a night time walk and use this time to search the clear skies. Bring a blanket and see if you can catch Cassiopeia. 

  • Farmer's Market: Pick up some veggies for your homemade pet food at your local farmer's market. There are plenty of food stuff for everyone in the family. Bring your pup along to meet and greet other dogs from the area.

  • Snuggle Together: Work towards achieving full hygge with couch cuddles brimming with blankets. Take some time to relax together screen free. Pour a mug of tea and put on some soothing music and simply sit. If you need a little more engagement and aren't ready to fully zen, here are some dog massage tips to help you both chill out and stay occupied but screen-free. 


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Spend more time with loved ones

Fitting time into our busy schedule for family and friends is easier said than done. Here are some ideas of how your pet and your family can all enjoy their time together. 

  • Throw an outdoor party: During the dog days of summer invite over a few friends and neighbors to all cool off together. Here are some ways that pups can also get in on the fun! 

  • Come together for the (less well-known) holidays: Think about celebrating a little more this year. Pick some of your favorite lesser known holidays such as National Cat Day, National Dog Day, National Doughnut Day and plan fun activities to celebrate together. 

  • Cook more meals at home: Use the time sitting around the dinner table to reconnect outside of the daily hustle and bustle. Your pup can have his or her own homemade dinner as well!

  • Family Home Improvement Day: Have a door that needs mending or a gutter that should be cleaned? Ask family and friends to come over for a home improvement day. Make some great memories and finally tackle some long overdue projects. Your pet can enjoy seeing familiar faces and a easy break from routine. 



cat and human playing together


2018 can be the best year yet when we include all of our loved ones in our resolutions. Think of more ideas that are unique to your family's traditions and goals. Even just talking about the year all together on the couch can be a beautiful moment to share. 

Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year to all furry friends and family from the entire Yabozi team!









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