September 26, 2017

On Sept. 22nd it's officially fall! We'll finally be able to pull out our favorite sweaters and scarves judgement-free! However, as the seasons change so does the style. I find that while I mostly have classic pieces in my closet, every new fall season I need to update some of my sweaters. I carefully wrap up my used sweaters for donation and head to the couch with my laptop. I usually spend September scrolling through online stores for the perfect autumn accessories. Now that I have pups, I'm doing it for them too! Here are some of the best places for dog sweaters that the internet has to offer for every doggie style under the sun! 


dog outside, dog in sweater


D.O.G Pet Boutique

For the 'Star Power Pup'

Previously featured on Buzzfeed, D.O.G Pet Boutique, which is based in L.A., currently has quite a few cute sweaters and hoodies on sale! While their store started as a fun shopping experience for humans and pups alike it quickly gained fame as a reputable store and now is an internationally-known boutique store who's clientele include A-List celebrities and even royalty! D.O.G. is also known for their very cute, very pink, Instagram photos. There is a range of looks and fabrics in both masculine and feminine themes. You can find anything from argyle sweater vests to velour track jackets. Their current best-seller is a classic mohair pink and black sweater that is perfect for a timeless look. 


Pup Life

For the 'Family First Doggie'

Family owned and operated since 2003, Pup Life prides itself on their dedication on their personal approach to pet products. They give to and work closely with charities that help dogs and animals in need. While Pup Life focuses on jackets, the sweater's warmer cousin, they offer so many great jackets that we had to include them on our sweater list. With fleece as far as the eye can see, Pup Life offers traditional apparel and unique styles that are modern and fun. Pup Life is a great place to online window shop and get some ideas for different outfits. 


dog outside, dog in sweater



For the 'Eco-Conscious Canine'

If you are interested in environmentally-friendly, handcrafted and high-quality, look no further than Olive! Olive is a member of the Organic Trade Organization and Green America. With a carefully curated items that stay close to an outdoorsy color palate, Olive is the L.L. Bean of dog apparel. They focus on finding pieces that have as much attention to detail and crafted with the same care as human apparel. With headquarters in Seattle, they are in a leading city of the green revolution and it shows.      


Posh Puppy Boutique 

For the 'Distinguished Designer Dog'

Opposite of Olive, the Posh Puppy Boutique has everything and anything under the sun for the designer-loving distinguished dog. Although only starting out as an E-Bay store, the Posh Puppy has been featured in Time and People magazine and is now nationally known. The boutique has everything from NFL fandom apparel to holiday themed sweaters, there is a sweater or hoodie for every furbaby in your life. While it could take quite a while as they have a huge selection, browse through their web pages for some great ideas. 


Bloomingtails Dog Boutique 

For the 'Pampered Pooch'

Bloomingtails has been a long-term dream turned reality for one animal loving family in New York. It also has a wide variety of sweaters and hoodies for any pup. Many of these sweaters have embellishments, patterns, ruffles and more. They cater to primadonna pups and costumed canines alike with an array of animal-themed hoodies including frogs, foxes, dragons and more. Currently, they have many of their items on sale just in time for fall. 



dog outside, dog in sweater


The New York Dog Shop

For the 'New Yorkie'

Chosen by CBS as New York's best pet boutique, the New York Dog Shop encourages you to spoil your pup wisely with the latest products and great deals. Unsurprisingly, they carry New York themed sweaters and hoodies. Whether it's an NYPD hoodie or a sweater with the map of the MTA subway, they have it.  The New York Dog Shop also has other styles of autumn wear with the obligatory 'I Love NYC' hoodie thrown in. 


Puppy Kisses

For the 'Hound About Town'

Founded in 1999 by two sisters, all of Puppy Kisses' products are hand-picked and tested by their own three pups. Puppy Kisses focuses on the more traditional sweater colors and designs. However, they do follow current trends and even have several private label lines. A highlight of their sweater selection is the Boyfriend Dog Sweater. Organizationally, their sweaters and hoodies are on two different web pages, however take the time to scroll through both. I found the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Hoodie quite unique.  


Naturally if you search through these online stores and still haven't found the perfect fit, we suggest continuing to Amazon, Etsy or E-bay for a guaranteed ginormous selection of sweaters!


dog outside, dog in sweater



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