August 21, 2017

Every brand needs a cheerleader, a mascot, to inspire their community and share their message. We believe we have found ours. Meet Frusci and Scooter, two life-giving pups, and their adorable human Mary. These three have an array of amazing adventures behind them and many more to come. Their unique, dynamic and fun-loving personalities have captivated our Yabozi community. Follow their adventures both on our blog and our Instagram to see what trouble these three sniff out.   


Meet Mary

A self-described quirky, dress-wearing, book-reading, coffee-drinking adventurer who enjoys supporting the local arts and music community & farmer's markets.  She is the go-to gal for book recommendations and her favorite authors include Steinbeck, Solzhenitsyn and Jonathan Safran Foer. However, for dog lovers she suggests these novels: 

  • The Call of the Wild
  • White Fang
  • Where the Red Fern Grows

"I've always loved animals and appreciate that dogs are always happy sidekicks, cuddle buddies & adventure pals!" - Mary 


dog and human in house  


Meet Frusci

Frusci (pronouced Froo-Shee) is a 12 year old Shih Tzu with heaps of personality. He was the first canine in Mary's family and she's had him since he was a lil pup. His full name is Frusciante after the musician John Frusciante. Frucsi's birthday is April Fools Day and he charms folks with his friendly disposition and his perpetually-peekin' out tongue. 


happy dog in house


happy dog in house


Meet Scooter 

Scooter is an energetic little Shorkie (Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix) and was adopted this year from Soul Dog Rescue. His previous owner had to give him up because of his skin sensitivities and allergies. However since Scooter has joined our family, his health is much improved! He still sniffles outside though because he is allergic to grass. He tends to leap at things or people with great gusto and is ever so sweet and cuddly. He is also often found sporting a cool mini Mohawk.


dog outside, dog fitness

happy dog in house
Scooter's Energetic Adoption Photo


With one final question, we welcome them into the Yabozi community.

If Crayola was introducing a new color to the crayon box based on you, what would the name of your color would it be?

Mary: Merrified- a pretty swirled crayon made of earthy but bright colors like green and teal.

Frusci: Tongue Out Tickle Me Pink- for his signature tongue

Scooter: Scootin' Scarlet - a vibrant, energetic color


dog and human outside


Welcome Frusci, Scooter, Mary! Stay Royal! 




Yabozi Royals Pet Bowl