October 10, 2017

What do Spiderpug, Audrey Hepburn, and a Rice Krispie treat have in common? They were just a few of the jaw-dropping pet costumes from 2016. There are so many choices when it comes to your pet's Halloween costume that it can almost take the fun out of the decision-making process. Do you buy an outfit online? Do you make it yourself? Should it be political, funny, scary? Do you fit it into a family costume or will your pet's attire stand alone?  Regardless of what costume you finally pick for your pet these factors need to be considered in order for everyone in the *fur family to have a fun and safe Halloween! Beware: If you don't pay attention to these five tips... heads may roll!! Mwahh haa haa! (in cliched scary tone) 



dog in house, dog with pumpkin




There is nothing worse than an unhappy pet in an ill-fitting Halloween costume. If you still aren't convinced, here are some unhappy pups too miserable to celebrate with a pumpkin treat. Nobody wants to look back on the photos of Halloween 2017 and see a gloomy pup. Doomed to spend the day with an itch or a pinch, you can be sure your pet's mood will also bring down your own.  Thus, make sure to ask the right questions of your pet's costume.

  • Does my pet even enjoy wearing a costume? Many pets prefer their birthday suit! 
  • Does it fit well? Snug but not too tight, loose but not falling off
  • Does my pet have the ability to move?
  • Is he or she acting like themselves in the costume?
  • Can it be worn for several hours or a day without having to be taken off, adjusted or fixed? 



While Halloween can be an evening of fun, the furrier members of the family may not enjoy it as much. For a pet, a night of loud sounds, fast movements and unknown sights and smells can be more stressful than amusing. Your pet's costume plays a role in their ability to have a good time. Try on your pet's costume before the big night so that you can check if it works for them. PetMD recommends that the outfit "should not constrict movement, hearing, or the ability to breathe or bark and meow."

  • Does my pet look relaxed in this costume? 
  • Is he or she breathing and moving regularly?
  • Are there any protruding pieces that could catch onto something? 


halloween items on table




With the more serious topics behind us and the establishment that your pet would enjoy a costume, their personality now needs to be taken into consideration. Who is Fido? What does Fluffy enjoy? Thinking about your pet's personality is sure to be a hit later on when they are seen in their costume. If they are more persnickety or grumpy, think about casting them as an elderly man for the evening. If your pet is high energy, think other fast animals or a play on caffeine of some kind. Of course, picking the opposite will create a funny, ironic costume. It's all down to your pet and if they have more of an honest, fun personality or maybe hold a little more mystery and spunk. If your pet has a social media profile, this is the time to ask yourself which costumes go with your aesthetic? What outfit will make for the perfect Instagram-able pic? Here are some creative costumes to inspire you! 



Every Halloween is different, what will your family do this year? Will you be at home, a friend's party or roaming around the neighborhood? Your pet's costume will need to be functional for the location. If there are a lot of stairs to climb, maybe now is not the time to turn your dog into a ghost and possibly constrict his or her eyesight. If you will be touring outside, maybe your terrier's Elvis suit will get muddy? Many an awesome costume has been ruined by the demands of the location. Consider these questions:

  • What costume would allow my pet to be happy and safe in this location?
  • Will this costume still look good at the end of the night? 


dog outside, dog fitness



Prep Time 

Another common hiccup in the pet costume process is the ever elusive time. The world's best pet costume ideas have been derailed over the smallest hour of time. Think about if you have the time to sew a whole lobster costume or if ordering one online would be more feasible. Ideally, we could always take time to make each of our pets a fun, comfortable costume each Halloween but with busy lives and hectic schedules, there is the necessity of reality. When picking your pet's outfit, ask yourself:

  • How long will this take me to prepare?
  • Do I have the time to make this costume myself? Finding the materials, making the costume, adjusting the fit, etc.


cat outdoors



Keeping these ideas in mind for your pets will ensure that everyone has a entertaining and spooky evening! I wish you and all of your family a safe and happy Halloween! 


Stay Royal!  








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