July 05, 2017

Nothing is quite like an open road ahead and the wind in your hair (or fur).  There are a great many scenic road trips in the lower 48.  Yet, the most well-known and beloved Americana road trip is the Route 66.  Beginning in the Heartland, Route 66 heads west through eight states and 2,500 miles later ends on the California coast. Whether you follow the entire route or just take it for a small jaunt, the looming questions of any road trip prevails "Where and when do we eat?"  Thankfully, this panoramic road has plenty of pet-friendly places along the way. Having collected information about pet-friendly bars, restaurants, cafes and more on the Route 66, this guide will help you easily plan your pit stops. 


dog in a car, traveling with a dog


Illinois & Missouri

Route 66 begins on Lake Shore Drive in the bustling heart of Chicago.  The vibrant hub of the Midwest plays host to over 60 different pet-friendly restaurants and bars.  After you have ate and drank your fill, begin your trip southwest heading across Illinois and pass its capital Springfield. After 5 hours, you will be ready for a break in St. Louis. Filled with pet-friendly restaurants and bars, head into town for some food, drinks, off leash parks and dog inspired art.   Another 5 hours on the road takes you through Missouri passing through Devil's Elbow and the world's first drive thru Red's Giant Hamburger stand.  On the other side of Missouri sits Joplin, a city of 50,000 residents, and all signs point to Decker's Dog Bar and Grill as the go-to restaurant for all creatures great and small.  Hidden away in nature with live music Wednesday through Friday, Decker's is the place for locals and tourists alike to relax with their furrier family members.  


st. louis courthouseSt. Louis Courthouse


Kansas & Oklahoma

From Missouri, continue through Kansas for only 12 miles and before you know it you'll find yourself in Oklahoma. Tulsa to be exact.  With its 140 parks and 20 miles of recreational trail next to the Arkansas River that weave past sculptures and fountains, there is plenty for you and your pets to see.  When your dogs are barking (maybe even literally) and you are ready to put your feet up, head to these pet-friendly patios. Hop back in the car and one hundred more scenic miles later arrive in Oklahoma City. The city's lifestyle magazine for dog lovers gives us this guide to pet-friendly wineries, kayaking, boating and more in and around the metro area. Once you've spent enough time on the water, make your way to the Lonestar state.


oaklahoma skyline
Oklahoma From The Road


Texas & New Mexico

Route 66 travels for almost 200 miles through the Texas panhandle.  In the middle of these small towns stands Amarillo.  Smokey Joe's restaurant and the Big Texan Steak House is right on the Route 66.  Settle in for good food while you watch the cars cruise by. Continue through Adrian, the middle point of the Texas stretch and on towards Glenrio on the New Mexico border.  Now, you are almost to Santa Fe.  While Santa Fe is known as a very pet-friendly place, the top two restaurants are The Counter Culture and Louie's Corner Cafe known for its 'Rockstar' sandwich.  Pull over and see what it's all about, and then head west to Albuquerque. Here are 15 pubs, restaurants and cafes in Albuquerque metro for all the family to cool off at.  Leaving New Mexico, you can pass through the Navajo Nation, Zuni, and Laguna Pueblo Reservations for pieces of native artwork and craftsmanship.  


texas restaurant
The Big Texan Steak Ranch: A Pet-Friendly Restaurant, Brewery and Motel in Amarillo


Arizona & California

Crossing into Arizona, you are welcomed in the city of Holbrook. Their famous Wigwam Motel allow pets and is truly a unique experience. It's slogan asks "Have you slept in a wigwam lately?"  To which we can only say no but we'd love to.  When you are forced to leave the wigwams behind you, drive to Flagstaff, a city surrounded by mountains, deserts and ponderosa pine forests.  Take a one hour detour to see the Grand Canyon National Park and return for some food and drinks.  Flagstaff.com claims that 'pets are just part of the local scene' and are welcome on any available patio.  Dark Sky Brewery and Mother Road Brewery stood out as exciting places to try the local fare and ale.  And now to California, the final of the eight states.  Route 66 goes through San Bernadino that plays host to another Wigwam Hotel (if you still haven't got it out of your system) and then travel on to Los Angeles.  Now that you are in the city of angels you can expect a whole lot more pampering for you and your pets.  L.A.'s pet-friendly restaurants go beyond pet friendly patios with menus for your pets as well. If you would rather dine with the rich and the famous, here are some spots in Hollywood that celebrities frequent with their beloved pooches.  Relaxed from your high-flying in L.A., the Santa Monica Pier beckons.  The waves crash as you turn off your engine, unable to drive on no further and you and your family can step out of the car to feel the wind in your hair (or fur). Only this time, you are on the West Coast. After 2,500 miles and countless stops along the way, you have finally arrived.  


Santa Monica Pier and end of Route 66
Santa Monica Pier and the end of Route 66 



Wishing you an amazing and safe travels!

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