August 22, 2017

What is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy? Have a dog in the family! That's exciting news for us pet parents and nothing could be more true.  A dog adds much needed walking, running and playing into your daily routine. The positive correlation between dogs and fitness are nothing new but these trends are!  Check out these new ways you and your dog can stay healthy together!


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Yes, you heard that correctly. Dog+Yoga= Doga.  We have been aware of the mental and physical benefits of yoga in humans for decades. However, now you and your dog can achieve these together. In 2002, Suzi Tietelman found that her puppy Coali would join her on her mat for her daily yoga routine. She saw after some time that he was becoming more calm, strong and limber. She introduced doggy yoga to her fitness club and the rest is history! Whether it is in a structured class or simply done together at home, Doga has benefits for both you and your pup. Here is a helpful chart to understand the several ways that this can be enjoyed.


dog outside, dog fitness


Canine Freestyle Dance

Doggy dancing? Yes please. The 90s began the doggy dancing days when several top dog trainers decided to take choreography to the dogs and these two organizations were born- the Canine Freestyle Federation (CFF) and the World Canine Freestyle Organization (WCFO).  Worldwide dog dancing competitions began the following year. While formal doggy dancing demands that you and your dog create and follow a strict routine based on commands, this doesn't stop today's dogs from keeping it more casual. Whether it's a rainy day at home or you are looking for a reason to get together with friends, consider a doggy dance party as the perfect excuse for you and your pup to break a sweat while having fun.  


dog outside, dog fitness


Stand-Up Paddleboarding 

This amazing workout for you can also be an awesome experience for your dog too! Having recently gained popularity on waterfronts everywhere, Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a common activity for all sport enthusiasts.  Now dog lovers have even more reason to enjoy it as well! Dog parents everywhere are preparing for next year's DogJam Surf and Paddle Show held in the Santa Cruz Harbor and Boatyard in California. It claims to be 'The World's First Dog Show on the Water' and has local human and canine judges. Proceeds benefit the SPCA and sporting equipment and life jackets are included for everyone. Whether training for the show or just exploring for a couple hours, SUP is a great way for everyone to get a work out in the summer sun. 


Fitness Classes 

More and more fitness classes for you and your dog are popping up across the country every day. Working out with your dog in a class setting help you both to really focus on exercise and leave excuses behind. The most well-known fitness classes for both humans and canines across the country include:


dog outside, dog fitness


While dogs and fitness have always come hand in hand. Feel free to try the ideas above to add some creativity to your fitness routine! 



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