January 02, 2018

New year, new you and new pet accessories! 2017 showed us it's officially cool to be a crazy cat lady and 2018 is here with an even broader range of products for pet parents. Almost anything that you would like for yourself can now be found for your pet too! We've curated the sweetest items of 2018 that would the simplest to DIY yourself! Instead of shelling out the big bucks, save some money and set these trends from the comfort of your own home! Click on the title to see the item and read through to brainstorm your DIY! See what you can make in 2018 to please your pet and your wallet! 



dog in dog bed, dog indoors



Bandana/Towel DIY

Dress your pups in the latest styles and also keep them warm! This two-in-one is easy to replicate either with a sewing machine or a quick stitch by hand. Whether you get a fashion forward fabric or repurpose an old blouse, this bandana/towel can be made to match any style. Personalize it with popular iron-ons or a quick monogram. Take it one step further and make matching scarves for the two of you. Your pet will be happy to keep warm and look good doing it!  



cat in chair


Trendy Toys

Squeaky bones and catnip mouses are out! Pet toys these days can be anything you imagine! Barkshop especially has some very social media friendly toys that are cute and quirky. Why limit yourself to what the store has when you can make your own? Consider your pet's individual needs when creating toys. Is he or she quick to demolish any new toy that comes through the door? Which materials to they prefer? What matches their personality? If you are making something out of cloth, consider repurposing old towels or clothes. 



dog with toy, dog outdoors



Indoor Pet House

It's 2018 and your pet deserves a place of their own! The good news is the construction can be up to you!  What design would best match the style of your living room? Is there a fabric that would compliment the curtains? Does your pet prefer a quiet space to themselves or to be in the middle of all the action? Whether it's a camper, cottage, tent or teepee, your pet can have a comfy place of their own in the living room! 



cat in chair



Stylish Scarves

Pet accessories are here to stay and Bundle Pup is synonymous with doggie fashion. Their scarves are fit for any occasion. Pick a color that makes your pups happy or a pattern that matches their jackets. Purple is the Pantone 2018 color of the year so consider that when planning Fido's outfits. Have a old sweater you no longer wear? Think about transforming it into a scarf to keep your pup toasty warm! 



dog in scarf


With these ideas, start 2018 with your pet in mind!

Stay Royal! 













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