September 15, 2017

When the smell of pumpkin spice wafts through the air of your local cafes, you know it's the beginning of autumn once more. YouGov reports that most Americans claim fall is their favorite season and for good reason. With pumpkins, holidays, cider and more there hundreds of autumnal ideas and activities but only so much time to do them in. Many a Autumn To-Do list has been made but we've created one that works for you and your pups. Whether you are more of an outdoors autumn-lover or enjoy the warmth of your home, there is something for you and and your furry family members to make fall memories together.

pumpkin patch


Go Pumpkin Picking

What a great way for your dog to experience the smells of a new outdoor place. Exploring a new outdoor place can be fun for both of you. Check when your local pumpkin patch is dog-friendly and then head out for a day of fun!


Make Pumpkin Treats

Nothing is better than autumnal treats of pumpkin spice. You don't have to be the only one that enjoys them. There are plenty of recipes for pumpkin dog treats floating around but here is a simple one


Take A Hike

Your dog is a great partner to enjoy the fall foliage with. Whether it's your usual route or investigating a new park, taking some quiet time out in the fresh air is good for everyone in the family.  Pack some snacks for a picnic and head on your way!


fall leaves outdoors


Ready your Halloween costumes

The most important of fall decisions is picking the absolute best Halloween costume.  There are lots of couple costumes for you and your pup. Here are some ideas to start brainstorming! 


Explore your local haunts

Do you have a haunted house in your neighborhood or a creepy part of the forest you would like to explore? Don't go by yourself! Your dog is your best partner to take on this scary exploits. *Make sure you are not trespassing on private property or getting into anything too dangerous.


haunted house


Trip to the Farmer's Market 

Pick up some veggies for your homemade dog food at your local farmer's market. There are plenty of food stuff for everyone in the family. Bring your pup along to meet and greet other dogs from the area. 


Snuggle under Blankets

Work towards achieving full hygge with couch cuddles brimming with blankets. Take some time to relax together screen free. Pour a mug of tea and put on some soothing music and simply sit. If you need a little more engagement and aren't ready to fully zen, here are some dog massage tips to help you both chill out and stay occupied but screen-free.


pug indoors, pug on bed, pug in blankets


Go Stargazing

Take your pup out for a night time walk and use this time to search the clear skies. Bring a blanket and see if you can catch Cassiopeia. Here is some info about the autumn night sky.     


Get lost in a Cornmaze

Many corn mazes have pet-friendly days where dogs are invited.  Research when your local maze is open to dogs too and bring your pup to help you find your way out.


Wear scarves

Nothing like matching scarves to perfect you and your pup's autumn outfits. Etsy, mecca for all cuteness, has a lot of options that suit you and your dog's personal style. Here is a cute example that can inspire you. 


thanksgiving turkey


Cook a Turkey

Perfect your turkey technique before November and make a practice bird. While your dog should not have too much, he or she can enjoy a small amount of the leftovers. *Keep in mind your dog's specific nutritional needs before feeding him or her anything outside of their recommended diet. 


Play Backyard Football

Pick up the trusty pig skin and play a little game with family, friends, and canines. Regardless of how many players are on each side, get creative about how everyone can have fun. Focus on fun over following all the rules!


dog outside, dog fitness, dog with woman


Crisp Morning Run

Set the alarm early and get out to raise both of your heart rates and appreciate the crisp morning air. Your dog will enjoy the change of pace and early morning freshness with its many new smells as well.


Watch Hocus Pocus

Spend a night in watching Halloween classics and sipping some wine. Don't worry, your dog doesn't have to be left out. Here is dog wine so your pup can share some vino with you. Yep, you heard right. Wine just for dogs.


dog outside, dog fitness


Stay Royal! 






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