September 04, 2017

Need a cute gift for the dog mom in your life but don't have the time to shop around on the internet yourself? Whether it's a holiday, birthday or Gotcha day, we scoured the internet for the most adorable, sweetest and amusing gifts for the dog mom in your life. This list contains gifts at various prices ranges to help you find the perfect gift for the right occasion. 


dog in house, dog bowl, dog eating from bowl


1. Yabozi Royals Pet Bowl  

$29.95 *Shipping included

These are perfect for the trend-setting pet (and owner) that wants style, function and, of course, good taste. With Yabozi pet feeding and water bowls, mealtime ceases to be a chore and becomes a fun statement of good taste! 

Shop on or click the link above! 


2. Newtown Flowered Dog Collars 

$50.00 + Shipping

Nothing takes cuteness to the full Frida Kahlo level like this flowered dog collar. The durable felt flowers are also practical for your dog's active lifestyle. The beauty of the design is that all of the flowers are moveable and/or removable. 

A percentage of your purchase is donated to dogs in need! 


3. Fluffy Cloud Dog Bed 

$70.29 + Shipping

This bed will make your dog think he or she is sleeping on a cloud. This cute bed is handmade and looks like it could be from heaven. Of course, nothing is better than supporting small businesses on Etsy. 


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4. Shake by Carli Davidson

$13.68 + Shipping

A heartfelt and fun-filled photo book about dogs at their doggy-est... when they shake! 61 dogs are caught in their most candid moment and are truly a surprising treat. It is a sure way to bring a smile to anyone's day.  


5. Personalized Dog Treat Cookie Cutters 

$19.74 + Shipping

This Pug shaped Cookie Cutter is personalized with your dog's name. It is a great way to help the dog mom in your life get more creative with her homemade dog treats or add an individual touch to any of her party planning!


6. Golden Dachshund Stapler 

$26.00 + Shipping

 What could be better for the dog lover in your life than a metal, useful stapler that is also golden and topped with a Dachshund. This is a talking piece for any office desk and can help class up any working space. 


dog outside, dog fitness, dog with woman

7. Chihuahua Tote Bag 

$19.20 + Shipping *currently on SALE

Does she have a day at the beach coming up? Or maybe she simply needs a reusable bag for the farmer's market? A bag for her textbooks, a place for a change of clothes? The beauty of this cute tote is its versatility. Anywhere she goes, she can use this sweet tote to make a cute canine statement. 


8. Squeaky Dog Donut Toys 

$17.02 + Shipping

Now these are sweet treat for both dog and dog mom! Nothing like waking up in the morning to a sprinkled donut and now her dog can experience this too! 

9. Frenchie Yoga Wall Decal 

$11.91 + Shipping

Namaste with this little Frenchie practicing Doga! This Etsy gift ships worldwide and comes in an array of colors. It works on cars, iPads, walls, mirrors and more! 


dog outside, dog with woman

10. Boston Terrier Watercolor Prints 

$27.01 + Shipping 

This set of three prints of a colorful Boston Terrier is great for both work and home. It will brighten up any space and can added much needed fun and color to any dog mom's space! 


11. BarkBox

gift subscriptions start at $35.00 and continue in price

The obligatory shout out to the leading doggy subscription box service! It's a leader because it really is awesome and any dog mom would be excited to receive any dog goodies on a regular basis. 


12. In Dogs We Trust Necklace 

$51.00 + Shipping 

This minimalistic dog bone necklace that comes in both sterling silver and gold is the perfect addition to any dog mom's outfit. It is a constant reminder of their fur babies' love and is also super stylish. 


dog outside, dog fitness, dog with woman


Stay Royal! 





Yabozi Royals Pet Bowl